Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worrying and the "what if" complex

Why? Why do we feel like we NEED something to worry about? Walk with me for a moment on this(figuratively speaking)We worry about money, we worry about looks, we worry about whether or no the world is headed to an end because the Mayans and some old guy have "predicted" doom!!! We worry about if the direction we are going in life is going to lead us to the place we want to be. That one hits home for me. I don't mean to sound insensitive nor do I mean to sound radical, I simply wonder why? Which would be the title of a book if I decided to write it... the content of the book would encompass the idea of the "what if" complex which many of us suffer from and it provides fertile ground for worries to grow!!!(Pardon my unnecessary amount of punctuation... but, don’t worry about it!)

In order to avoid a complicated round about trip through my mind, I will try and focus on the "what if" complex for the remainder of this post...

Do you constantly wonder "what if" the choices I'm making now are going to inhibit me from reaching my goals in the future? Or how about "what if life" throws me a curve ball and I have to refigure my whole life focus? Or "what if" things don’t work out the way that I have planed in order to reach my goals for becoming the person I want to be? Then you may be suffering from what has recently been discovered as the "what if" complex. "is there no cure to end my suffering" you ask(perhaps less dramatically...perhaps not) LOOK NO FURTHER.. the answer lies in this one word.. ok maybe two... well, actually Im going to reveal a word and then I’m going to follow it up with many other words just to clarify. BELIEVE! There it is ladies and gentlemen. Believe. When you have something to believe in and you have faith that your life is not something that can be completely controlled you can start to relieve some of the worry-stress.

There are uncontrollable things in life that happen, there are uncontrollable things in life that don't happen, so set goals, reach for your dreams, become passionate about something, and believe that you will survive. There are many different roads to happiness but if you have a strong vehicle ( that would represent yourself) in which to drive these roads, believe that you will overcome any obstacles that redirect and slow down your pursuit for happiness.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own

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