Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jesus Loves the little Children... All the children of the world

Many people come in and out of our lives but there are those who leave a lasting impression on our soul and greatly impact our outlook on life. I have found myself feeling blessed to be surrounded by the students I have been working with in Greeley. These students are refugees from Burma, Kenya, Somali, Myanmar, and some from Thailand. The lives of these students are truly inspiring! To imagine the things that many of them have been through seems truly unfair for anyone especially at their age. What inspires me is this: despite what they have been through and their obvious cultural differences, their amazing dedication to learn and to get an education in American culture shows on a daily basis. Each day I work with them I find myself being drawn to learning about them and yearning to provide them with the education that they deserve.

Sounds like flowers and rainbows huh...

My goal for this blog is to be honest so I want to say this as well... although the work I am doing is rewarding and a blessing, there are many challenges that come with it! Some of the students cannot write their name and have never been in school before. They come from cultures where discipline is considered to be a good beating. There is such a range of English proficiency, cultures, and school exposure that it is constantly an upward climb to reach each student.

I have taken this opportunity as a learning experience. My faith in these students is so deeply rooted that I feel as though I have found my niche in the teaching world. To use the blessings that I have in my life by blessing these students is a desire that has consumed many of my thoughts and is strongly directing my pursuit in my career. What a great feeling.

All in all, as much as these students need me, I find myself also needing them!

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